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Working and traveling at the same time sounds cool, right? If you want to work from anywhere, why not to take your first steps toward changing your lifestyle and become a digital nomad?

This 7-day email course introduces you to different ways to make money online while traveling. Every day you’ll receive an email with useful tips on how to become location-independent and develop your business from anywhere in the world. But that’s not all! You’ll see that there are many ways to optimize your time to travel more and work less.

And yes, the course is totally FREE!

What you’ll learn:

  • How to find a well-paying online job
  • How to work from anywhere you wnt
  • How to work and travel at the same time
  • How to optimize your time
  • How to keep in touch with your clients
  • and much more….

What does the “Work From Anywhere” course look like?

#1 – Let Me Share My Story With You 

I’ve been working as a digital nomad since 2012. How did I make it happen? What did it look like at first? I will tell you about it in the first email. After all, it’s good to know who is sending you emails each day, right?

#2 – 12 Jobs You Can Do Online 

Do you know exactly what you can do online? There are plenty of opportunities and I believe the number will keep on increasing. During the 2nd day of the course, I will let you know about many digital nomad jobs. You will be able to choose a job or two for yourself, according to your skills, experience and interests. I will briefly describe each type of job you can do online, so you can be 100% sure that you want to go in that direction.

#3 – Are Online Jobs Really For You?

Let’s face the truth. Being a digital nomad sounds cool, but that lifestyle is not for everybody. What character traits should you have to succeed and find joy in working from any place in the world? In this email, I will share with you my observations from working as a digital nomad for 5 years.

#4 – Where to Look for Remote Jobs

Many juicy resources here. I will send you a complete list of websites where you can apply for your online jobs. No matter what field you have chosen, you will find there are plenty of opportunities to get your first clients and work from anywhere.

#5 – How to Present Yourself Online

In this email, we will talk a bit about branding. You will learn how to portray yourself in the most professional way. I will share with you my 4 secret tips to becoming a successful freelancer and attract only the types of clients that you will enjoy working with.

#6 – How to Manage Travel and Work at the Same Time

It’s not all about work. As a digital nomad, you need to have time to travel. Time-management isn’t an easy thing. Thankfully, there are some tactics that let me be much more productive, so I can spend more time on traveling and exploring. I will talk to you a bit about establishing a routine, taking care of WiFi, and making the best of your time.

#7 – You Can Do It

It’s the last email of the course. I will tell you a bit about the darker side of being a digital nomad (unfortunately, not everything is a bed of roses) and how to overcome challenges. Remember: if you truly want something, you are going to achieve it.


But that’s not all…

Although the course will end after 7 emails, I hope your work towards living a life as a digital nomad will be just beginning.

E-mail support

You can count on my support any time you need tips or suggestions during the 7 days of this email course. I will do my best to answer all your emails and help you to make the right choices (although remember: there is a lot of work on your side waiting for you).

More juicy content

Every week I post inspiring articles or useful tips for digital nomads. You can check them out when visiting my blog, but I will also send a quick summary of them to your email every month. This way, you can keep growing as a digital nomad and be more successful in what you do.

Access to my Facebook Group for Digital Nomads

I have a Facebook group for digital nomads who are just like you and me – they already work from anwyehre or they are just starting. If you want to find like-minded people (and learn from each other), that’s the perfect place for you. You will receive access to the group when you finish the course.


So many great things, so why is the course free?

Why not? I am a big fan of helping others.

If I can inspire you to do something that will bring you joy and satisfaction, then I will be very happy. So the currency here isn’t money, but happiness (for both of us, I hope).

Who am I?

Work from AnywhereI was born in Poland where I studied English and Russian Studies. When I graduated in 2012, I decided to move abroad.

I went to Georgia (Caucasus) to work for a local NGO. At the same time, I started developing my online work as a copywriter and a translator. In 2014 I created my own business, which allows me to work from anywhere I want.

These days, I spend more time traveling than working. Last year I logged almost 50,000 miles flying- that’s almost twice the distance around Earth!


Course reviews

“When I took the course, I was working in a big company with a good income. But I knew that big changes were coming my way. Milena has shown me that there are alternative ways to earn money, doing what you really want to at the same time. Now I know how to work from anywhere.”

– Susan Carroll

“Clear tips and straight to the point. The “Work From Anywhere” course is so detailed that everybody can find something for themselves. I was looking for proven ways how to have a good remote job and I wasn’t disappointed. Thank you, Milena!”

– Michael Bere

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Become a Successful Digital Nomad

Sign up for my free e-mail course to learn how to work from anywhere.

I will never give away, trade or sell your email address. You can unsubscribe at any time.