Hello, nice to see you here!

I am Milena and I don’t like to just go with the flow! Instead, I like to go into details, explore, observe, and try to find out what I like to do and what I really want to do.

What do I do?

To put it simply, I am a freelance copywriter and translator. I work with brands to help them become more visible online.

I started with simple SEO texts and translation, and now after a few years, I am already working with leading companies in different industries. What I like the most about my job is its diversity. Today I can have a project related to the automotive market, tomorrow – to fashion, and after tomorrow – to tourism and travel. Of course, the latest one is my favorite as travel is my biggest passion.

My work brought me to leading a life as a digital nomad. I am fortunate to say I can travel and work at the same time. It’s not always as cool as it seems to be, but I wouldn’t change my lifestyle for anything.


How did it start? Let me share my story.

I was born in Olsztyn – a small, yet charming town in north east Poland, where I grew up in a typical 2+2 family. My parents always treated my and my sister’s education as a priority. They spent a lot of time helping me with my homework in physics and math (there was no Internet to look up answers, can you even imagine it?).

Soon I passed my final high school exams and entered college. Ever since I was 8, I was keen on learning foreign languages. So my choice of major wasn’t much different – bachelor’s degree in English and Russian Studies. After my first year of college, I took my first independent trip abroad.  And then it started: wanderlust, a strong desire to travel more, and more, and more.

Milena Dawidzionek Go Milena - Become a Digital Nomad

As a broke student, sometimes I couldn’t afford even a weekend in another part of Poland, let alone trips abroad. I wanted to work so much, to earn my first serious income to see at least a small part of the world. The thing is I was living 20 km from Olsztyn – in a small remote village with limited transportation (in winter no buses dared to go through tunnels of snow).

Summer 2010. I had a strong desire to visit Spain. There were not many cheap flights and trains were very expensive. “Hitchhiking!” – I thought. I met 12 other crazy people, we divided up in pairs and went on the road putting our thumbs up. Such a crazy idea! I didn’t even tell my parents I was hitchhiking there. On the way, my plans changed and my travel partner and I ended up having a fabulous time on the French Riviera. We visited Germany, Austria, Italy, Monaco, France, and Luxembourg. 2 weeks of travel for 100 euro.

Since then, I continued traveling more and more. After graduation, I went to Georgia (Caucasus) to work for a local NGO. I was teaching internally displaced children from Abkhazia. Such a wonderful experience. At the same time, I started developing my online work as a copywriter and a translator. In 2014 I created my own business, which allows me to work from anywhere I want.

As of today, I have visited over 45 countries on 3 continents and taken more than 80 flights. And to think that all this happened only during the last few years.

Milena Dawidzionek Go Milena

What is my blog about?

I don’t want to share typical city guides. There are many of them online. Instead, I like to focus on what truly matters to me and what I find the most interesting: working while traveling. Or traveling while working. Choose your preferred version.

On this website, you will find:

  • My impressions of life as a digital nomad
  • Tips on how to become a digital nomad and establish business from anywhere
  • Interviews with inspiring digital nomads
  • E-mail courses and useful resources to become location-independent
  • Reviews, tips, and impressions about modern technology (I’m a geek sometimes)
  • Proven ways on how to make traveling cheaper


My main goal is to show you that there are many terrific ways to live your life. You don’t need to resign from your passion and sacrifice it for work. We live in a world full of amazing opportunities. Why not use them?

If you feel like sending me a travel-related message, sharing some suggestions on how to make this travel blog better, or simply saying hi, feel free to drop me a line. Just use the contact form.