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It was my dream, and then became reality. Learn how you too can become a digital nomad.

Digital Nomad in SE Asia: Why I Chose Bangkok as my First Destination

Why did I choose Bangkok to stay in for an entire month as a digital nomad? Read more about street food in Bangkok, nightlife, and costs of living in Thailand.

My adventure as a digital nomad in South-East Asia has already begun. My first destination: Bangkok—one of the largest cities in the region and, of course, the capital of Thailand. Why did I choose Bangkok to stay in for an entire month? Read below.

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A Digital Nomad’s Guide to Morocco

How to be a digital nomad in Morocco? How to be a digital nomad in Morocco? Here are my tips on traveling and working remotely, including coworking offices and costs of living in Morocco.

Have you ever thought of being a digital nomad in Morocco? If so, you are in the right place. Today, I would like to share with you my experience working remotely in some of the most popular spots in Morocco—Marrakech, Fez, Essaouira, Chefchaouen, and the Sahara.

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How to Become a Digital Nomad

There are many different ways to become a digital nomad. If you are wondering how to become location-independent and be able to work and travel at the same time, this post is for you.

People often ask me “how can I become a digital nomad?” Well, there is no simple answer that applies to everybody. So finding your own way isn’t as easy as it might seem. In this post I will tell you my story towards location-independence and show you that there are many different paths towards getting well-paid online jobs.

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Pet & House Sitting as a Digital Nomad


As a digital nomad you have the amazing opportunity of not being location bound. You don’t have to go to an office from 9 to 5 and you don’t have to be physically present to communicate with clients. So, I guess you can say that the world is your oyster, right? Sadly, while all this sounds great in theory, many of us are still grounded.

Why is this? Well, the first inconvenient that comes to mind is money. While you are free to go everywhere you want (as long as there’s a good Internet connection), you still have to pay for accommodation. Hotels can be expensive and hostels can be noisy.

But what if I told you there’s a way you can have your cake and eat it too? It may sound a bit weird, but there are people all over the world who will allow you to live in their home for free. The idea is called house and pet sitting and it’s growing in popularity every day.

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What Is a Digital Nomad?


Digital nomad is a term increasing in popularity. During DNX Global, the first conference fully focused on digital nomadism which took place in 2015 in Berlin, it was estimated that there will be about one million digital nomads by 2035. Interesting, right?

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