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Let me share you my story about becoming location-independent and working from anywhere

10 Tips to Work Smarter Not Harder as a Digital Nomad

Being a digital nomad requiers good time management. How to be more productive and have more time to travel? Read my 10 tips.

Traveling as a digital nomad provides so many opportunities to explore the world. Just think of all those sandy beaches, tall mountains, lively cities, and remote villages. Sound good? But let’s not forget about work that needs to be completed somewhere between all those adventures. How do you find time for everything?

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Interview With Colin Wright: “I Am the Happiest When I Am Being Challenged”


I would like to share a very interesting interview with Colin Wright – American author, entrepreneur, and full time-traveler. We talked about things and values that we have in common – traveling, following your own way, chasing happiness, freedom, minimalism, and more. I am sure you will find something meaningful in Colin’s words.

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13 Perks of Being a Digital Nomad

13 Perks of Being a Digital Nomad

Virgin Media Business survey predicts that 60% of people who are currently working from offices will turn to the digital nomad lifestyle by 2022. Why? There are many advantages of being location-independent. I would like to share with you 13 of them – the ones I find the most important, based on my experience.

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6 Tips for Happy Traveling with a Parent

6 tips for happy traveling with a parent

Recently, I came back from a different kind of trip than my usual. My father and I went to Israel. Traveling with a parent is definitely much different than traveling solo or with a friend. How do you make it as easy and pleasant as possible? Read my 6 tips!

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Travel Work

How I Afford to Travel


I don’t have a typical 9-5 job. I don’t take money from my parents. And I don’t kill people and steal their kidneys on black market. So how I afford every month? You often ask me about it, so I thought I will answer the most common questions I get.

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